HireDome.com is a freelance service website that provides business owners the ability to connect with talented freelancers with knowledge in a variety of services. As HireDome’s popularity grows, freelancers around the world will have increased demand for their digital services that businesses are looking for. To help you choose the perfect digital service to offer, we included the eleven different ways that you can make money on HireDome.com.

Social Media Services

Social media has become an essential part of every business’s marketing plan. Offering services such as social media promotion, social media post writing, or social media management can be an easy way to monetize your social media knowledge. Businesses are looking to build a large social media following that drives traffic to their website.

Content Writing

For business owners who have a blog, offering content writing services can be a great way to use your writing skills for a profit. The faster you can write high-quality content, the more potential you have to make an impressive hourly rate. The longer you continue to produce remarkable content, you will start to build a large client base who comes back for your work.

Digital Drawings

If you are someone who is experienced in using automated photo-based drawing tools, creating digital drawings can be a highly profitable digital service. From people to businesses, digital illustrations are in-demand for custom graphics that can be showcased on social media or websites.

Logo Design

Every business needs a logo. If you are someone with talented graphic design skills, creating impressive logos can be a great way to make money. As you continue to hone and improve your design skills, you can start to command more money with each happy client.

Virtual Assistant

Depending on the country you live in, working for a business completing tasks can be a great way to make money on HireDome. A virtual assistant’s duties can range from managing a business’s finances to helping someone schedule and complete tasks in their personal life. As you continue to prove that you can make a great virtual assistant, you will continue to get more clients looking for your services.

Photo Editing

Someone with experience in photo editing software like Photoshop, you can make some great money on HireDome. Many people are looking for high-quality editing services for their photos that will improve their appearance. Editing unwanted people or things out of photos is also another photo altering job that is in demand.

SEO Keyword Services

SEO or Search-Engine Optimization is used to help a business website rank better on search engines and increase the amount of traffic on their website. Services like finding SEO keywords in the business niche is a great way to make money and help a business become popular. There are many SEO keyword finding software that you can use quickly to find keywords that can be used to rank high on search engines.

SEO Website Audits

Along with finding the right keywords for a website, you can diagnose existing sites for their effectiveness in SEO. Giving your clients an overview of their SEO can help setup other SEO-related gigs that you offer. Software is available to help you complete these SEO diagnostic reports quickly to make cash with little direct work from you.


If you can complete in-depth research on a variety of topics, this job on HireDome will pay to help those looking for assistance with a research project. The most important part of this job is the ability to research topics quickly and write a detailed report of your findings in a short period of time. Your research topics can range from market research for businesses to research for academic papers.

Video Testimonials

For businesses looking to build a positive image, video testimonials are a great way to show a business’s authority. With only a few minutes of your time, you can create a professional video testimonial for your clients. If you are someone who has a professional clean-cut image, and an ability to speak clearly, this job is an excellent choice on HireDome.com.

Design Flyers

For someone with skills as a graphic designer, you can create eye-catching flyers for a business looking to gather more customers. If you can work quickly and make high-quality flyers, you can make a high hourly rate.