Posting Services is simple and fast. Just provide the necessary information about your Service and you should be able to start earning.

Posting a Service

  1. After logging into HireDome, go to the Post a Service page just by clicking the Post a Service+ button in the navigation menu or just simply visit here.
  2. Provide the necessary information about your Service. Provide your title, price, time of delivery, service category, description, media and service extras if you have extra service relative to your main Service post. To get the best impression on the buyer community and earn as much as you can with your service, your post should have eye-catching information:
    • Short and descriptive title
    • Correct Category
    • Informative and engaging description about your service (try to include your previous work samples)
    • Your service image should stand out in the catalog page
  3. If you are confident with your information provided in the fields, you may save and your post will be reviewed by the admin. You will be notified once your post is approved.