HireDome has a large marketplace for freelance services such as Graphic Designs, Web Development, Internet Marketing and much more! Here we guide you on how things work on HireDome, for both buyers and sellers.


How it works for buyers

HireDome is 100% free for buyers, all features will be accessible once you are registered to the site.

Create your HireDome account

HireDome is totally free for buyers, this profile is how you present yourself to the HireDome community and to introduce your business profile to the seller. Click here to sign-in or join HireDome

Browse all services HireDome has to offer

Finding services in HireDome is so easy, we provide advanced searching and filtering to return results that match your needs.

You can also browse our catalog in categories if you are not sure with the keywords to enter in the search field.

And lastly, we added popular searches in the top part of the catalog page to further help you in finding the perfect service. Click here to browse services.

Place an order

After finding your perfect service, you may click the card for more information such as description of the service, price, samples and reviews. If you are still not sure or you still have questions, it is recommended to contact the seller before placing the order.

If you are confident with the information, you may proceed with ordering. The order information will be automatically sent to the seller and business is on.


How it works for sellers

Sellers of HireDome are also 100% free to use the site, sell services as much as you want!

Create your HireDome account

HireDome is again free for sellers, this profile is how you show your experiences and skills to the HireDome buyer community. Give it a good description, add your skills, insert your best profile picture and present it in a professional way. Click here to sign-in or join HireDome

Post your Service

Before you post your service, make sure you completed your profile. This will allow you to introduce yourself to the buyer about your profession. A very good profile will always get a perfect impression on the buyer community.

Sellers of HireDome can choose their price range with a minimum amount of 5 USD.

To get the best impression on the buyer community and earn as much as you can with your service, your post should have eye-catching information:

  • Short and descriptive title
  • Correct Category
  • Informative and engaging description about your service (try to include your previous work samples)
  • Your service image should stand out in the catalog page

If your buyer’s expectations are met or exceeded, you get a good rating that will boost up more sales in the future. Click here to start posting your services.

Earn Income in HireDome

Buyers will order your services, you will receive a notification once there is an ongoing order. After an order is finished and paid, the payment will be added to your wallet and you will be able to withdraw it to your Paypal or bank account.